Show 'N Shine - Fly In

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Show 'N Shine Cameron Park Airpark
September 28
CPCC Club Hosts Sue & John Cook
Photos by John Reese

What a nice spot for a picnic

John & Sue's '65

Another shot of their '65

Sue's '69 Camaro

RS from the front - hidden headlights were the IN thing

John & Sue's - takes me back...


And the car...

Nice engine room

LaVonne's sign

and her Corvette

Miguel's prize winning '69 Riverside Gold convertible

Got Bling?

And more

Dennis's ride

You know it belongs to Dennis

Pete's '69 Riverside Gold convertible

Annette's GS

A 427 convertible

They put on a fly over show too

Part of the CPCC lineup

More of us

Phil's blower baby

Believe it!

Street scene

There were several bands

Debbie and Kathleen - friends of Sue

John gets around with Lucy with this cart

Ace Photographer John with old friend Jim

Kathy and Annette

Pete and Tom

Pete, Mike, Jan

Mike & Debbie

Couple enjoying the shade.  He drives a C6

Our Hostess Sue with Lucy - Thanks for all you did for the club's enjoyment!