Show 'N Shine Fly in

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Show 'N Shine - Fly in
Cameron Park Airpark, CA
October 4th
Hosted by John & Sue Cook

Photos by Sue Cook and John Reese

John Cook's beautiful '65 convertible

Rob's '70 coupe

Pete's '69 convertible

Mike Morgan's '02 Magnetic Red coupe

Phil's blower beast...

...and what makes it so potent

Bob Wheatley's '05 Magnetic Red Z51 coupe

This is Lavonne's '11 Grand Sport convertible

In case you didn't know

Ken's '11 Grand Sport coupe complete with build sheet and Monroney

Les's pristine '09 Cyber Grey ZR1

Dennis's equally clean and shinny '04 Le Mans Blue Commemorative coupe

Moving on to lunch - in the shade at  the Cook's

After standing around for hours in the sun, this was an oasis!

A nice '66

A '58, see the hood washboard

Convertible ZO6?  Almost

Clean C6 coupe

John's '06 convertible

Member Tom McTernan's 427 FE Cobra

Another shot of the Cobra.  That's port injection under that air cleaner

John's award winning '57 hardtop

This beautiful '69 Camaro belongs to Sue Cook - she is keeping up the family tradition

John's blown Avanti - very nice old timer

Another Ford, GT in this case


Ingenious stacks

NASCAR illegal inline 4 barrel carb - banned, too fast

There were military vehicles on display too

T-6 trainer - when you became skilled with this, it was on to the real war machines

Beautifully restored 9 cylinder radial engine

Another T-6

Not sure what it is, but it is OLD

Julie Clark's aerobatic T-34

Ponderosa High Marching Band

One drummer looks to be a girl - good for her!