Summer Cruise Night II

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Summer Cruise Night - Burke Junction - Cameron Park
August 30, 2011
Event Host Pete Ruff
Photos by Bob Rye and Anon.

This is how to enjoy a car show at Burke Junction

Sometimes you have to take two shots to get all the smiles

Some of the CPCC member's cars - we had 12 Corvettes total!

Another shot Robert's, Mike's, Vicki's

Looking at the lineup from the other end - not all hoods are open yet

10 Corvettes all in a row...

And two more in the "overflow" area, Mike's, and Toni's

Nice shot, especially Michele's Z

C3, C5, C6

Same  three from the back - Old Glory looks good there

Bob & Linda's sweet looking Victory Red Coupe in the foreground

What's this?  They have a train at Burke Junction

Some of us even went for a ride, two laps around Burke Junction

Mom's 1960 Corvette - couldn't leave this beauty out

Another shot of the '60 - lucky Mom!