Big Springs Garden Run

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Big Springs Garden Run
July 13, 2014
Club Host - George Goolsby
Photos by John Reese

Meeting up location, Highway 49 & Bell Ave. in Auburn

Clean and shiny Corvettes

Good Morning George

Ken's clean Grand Sport

Rick & Karen arrived!

This is the gravel parking lot at Big Springs Garden

Yellow and Red make a nice contrast

Some got in the shade

The dust on Kevin's Corvette

Gravel parking lots and Corvettes are like oil & water

Dust on Ken's Grand Sport

The main house

Pool with plants

Beautiful scenery

There's a Corvette hiding in there

Another shot of the bridge and house

Cool, clear water

Dining "room"

Waiting to serve lunch

Seated in the shade

Dave & Marilyn

Susan & John

Kathy & Kevin

Glenn checking his smart phone

Darrell & LaRee Brunelli - Glenn & Mary Lou's guests

Glenn & Mary Lou

Richard & Eileen

Barbara & George

Delores & Chuck

Karen with Lorna

Lorna & Daryl

Sandra & Ken

The group

Another group shot

And one more