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February Birthday Dinner - The Cattlemens
Rancho Cordova, CA
February  24
, 2016
Event Host:  Patty McCoy
Photos by John Reese

Birthday Girl Marty and Dennis

Kathy and John

Patti and Robert

Kathy and Tom

and their ride!

Jim and Dee

Vicki and Rick

Rick and Karen

if I had a license plate, it would be SR

Barbara and Dick

George and Mary

Mary and Sherry

Eileen and Richard

LaRee and Darrell

Glenn and Mary Lou

Chico PD, Badge #180

Susan and Don

Dori and Dennis

Daryl and Lorna


Susan and Marty

Ron and Kathleen

Hot Z06 (with Z07 options)

Patti taking a snapshot

Keith and Dawn

would someone please claim this car?

- 73 -