April Birthdays

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April Birthday Party
Sloughhouse Inn - Sloughhouse, CA
April 30, 2016

Club Host - Susan & Marty Keylon

Photos by Vicki Braithwaite and Marty Keylon

Posing at the Marriott

Allen, Marty, Daryl, John in front of George's Grand Sport

Red, Yellow, Red

Small groups gather to chat

That's a fine looking group

Corvettes and some members chatting

Red keeps showing up

Karen, Bob, Susan, Sue, Lorna

Dave's, Marty's, Katy's

Shall we say the reds have it?

George and Jim

Susan & Daryl

Dave, Bob, Kathy

Judy and her friend Anita

Kim & Allen

Marty & Susan with Dee

Sue & John

Mardette, Dave & Marilyn, Mary

Richard & Eileen, Karen & Rick

Vicki with Dennis

The End