Angels Camp Picnic

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Angels Camp Picnic
Utica Park -  Angels Camp 
May 22, 2016

Club Hosts - Bob & Mary Graham, Tom & Vicki Braithwaite, John & Kathy Reese

Photos by Vicki Braithwaite, Marty Keylon and John Reese

Parking lot - looks like a cool day

More Corvettes C3, C4, C5, C6


And some more Corvettes

Yellow in C3, C4 and C5

Tom's ZO6 foreground, then LaVonne's

Cook's Blue convertible

Vicki's front and center

Tom and Richard, Chefs Extraordinaire

So there was no question who was partying

Tom and Richard filling orders - I can almost smell it

Susan & Marty - Lookin' Good

Robert & Bev, Winner of the Golf contest

Robert Walson I believe

Mardette, Sue, Karen

Ken & Marty, new members?

Katlhy & Tom, Mary & Bob, Pat & Les, Patty

Mary lou, Glenn, John, Darrell, LaRee

Bob's holding the money, Kathy looks on

Hugs for Dennis

Richard taking a swing

Rick and John enjoying the day

The Yellow Hat club

Bev and Delores

There is Bev, the golf champ

Kathy giving it a try

Marty, ready to hit it out of the park



5 duffers above showing off

The CPCC Gang