Angles Camp Picnic

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9th Annual Angles Camp Picnic
May 18, 2014
Hosted by Bob & Mary Graham, Tom & Vicki Braithwaite, John & Kathy Reese
Photo by John Reese

Stop at Raley's center in Jackson

Gary's new ride - nice



Dan & Helena's '59

Red on red

John & Susan's

Nice plate

Pat's!  But Les was driving


Peggy Sue's


Rick & Karen's



Lined up at Utica Park, Angels Camp

Despite the sun, it wasn't too hot

I love RED

The other line of Corvettes

Dan & Helena's

This is a very nice, correct '59


The frame is a dead giveaway

Peggy Sue's '82

Ann, Pete, and Peggy Sue catching up

Lined up for the appetizers

Below are photos of the raffle prizes

Our banner on display

Every body who attended

Ladies side of the balloon toss

Helena with the remains of a balloon in her hand

Robert and Gary

Rosemary and Bev tossing balloons

Bob got doused at the end of the balloon toss, but he came prepared with a dry shirt

Glen, Robert, Bev, Karen

Dennis & Marty

Marty working on the trivia quiz

Dan is looking on

Patty is counting

Wait, says Marty

Susan & John

Jon and Patty

Pat & Les

Jim & Dee - Jim is an old motorcyclist!

Pres. & Sect.  Daryl & Lorna

George is giving Carol directions maybe

Susan, Ann, Mary

John has completed the trivia quiz, but Bob is still working on his answers

Dick & Barb

Listening to Les

Les doesn't look happy with the answer -  he wasn't alone

Jim, Helena & Dan

Marty looks happy

Glenn won the trivia prize - Congratulations!

Bev & Robert won some cash too

Peggy Sue and Abby...

Tosses the ball...

Abby prances to get the ball

Takin' a break!