Abel's 7th Annual Car Show

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Abel Chevrolet 7th Annual Car Show - Rio Vista, CA
May 1
6, 2015
Club Host Eddie Pesce

Photos by Marty Keylon,  John Reese

CPCC Corvettes at the usual EDH meetup spot

When you cross this bridge westward you know you're in Rio Vista

Able Chevrolet Buick

The store has been modernized significantly

Event Host Eddie scoping out where the club can park

The early birds get choice parking

Marty's Mighty ZO6

Marty is fond of selfies

Rob, Kevin, Les, George

You're supposed to smile, guys

Marty in front of Eddie's Stingray

Another shot of Marty's Z

Showin' the club's colors

56 or 57?

We know this is George's by three giveaways

Rob's '70 beauty

There is a mighty potent 427 Dart small block in there


Bob's CPCC colors are flying


Les's new ZO6

From the back

Wanna stand out in a crowd?

More restrained Gran Sport

Standout ZO6

Typical crowd view

CPCC lineup

Must be fast

ZO6 with ZR1 aero

All GM cars were welcome so this nice '55 showed up

What was this doing here?

Corvette mirror, so it's topical