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ALMS American Le Mans Series, Laguna Seca
May 9 11, 2013
Photos by John & Kathy Reese - Thanks John

Scenes from John's car on the parade lap, The Corvette Corral, the race, and the C7

Passenger's view up the hill

Parade lap so John can never overtake the red Corvette

Down the famous Corkscrew

Hard left coming up!

There is that red one again

Nice scenery but you shouldn't enjoy it

Start Finish flat out would be much faster

Is this Andretti Hairpin?

Corvette Corral

Plenty of Corvettes

Race time - number 4 Corvette

Nice close action shot!

Being chased by an LMP car

The other Corvette number 3 - notice the red stripe on the windshield

Chasing a Viper - cool

Traffic in the Corkscrew

Being chased by a Porsche

Love to be driving this one

The C7 in blue

Way different front fascia

Different steering wheel, more machine-like

Still have to get used to this view

It just seems awkward

Sure is different from what we're used to

Thos famous rear fender "scoops" to cool the trans & diff

Corvette Chief Engineer - Tadge Juechter