Family Corvette Show '06

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2nd Annual Family Chevrolet Corvette Show

Right to left: Bob & Carol Burnley's '03, John & Kathy Reese's 01 Z06, and whose red convertible is it?

Webmaster's Riverside Gold '69

Webmaster & Mike Gould discussing nuclear fission

Jim Davis explaining his Milestone

Milestone in the foreground

Jones's '03 Z06 fronted by John & Darla Quaresma's '05 coupe and some members chatting

Some Oldies but Goodies

Oldies from a different angle

The owner of that '59 restored it herself!

Another shot of same

C3, C2, C3, C2. Say that fast ten times!

Orange, Blue, Red, Red, Yellow!

Nobody seems to like shade... But it's a cool sign.

Rick and George among others

What are you looking for Bob?

Annette and Karen

Jim's Milestone in front of the Clemen's two

Checkin' out Jon's new trunk

Another Shark hidden in there

John & Carmen's '59 Beauty

Jim's Milestone gets a look

Jon, Rick, Paul, Susan, Selma, Bob

Victory Red and Torch Red - see the difference?

John & Darla's gleaming new Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic coupe

Nolan Adam's genuine '53

Inline 6 and stone guards!

A real veteran

Jennifer Gould checking out the Vettes

Photos by Mike Gould and Jennifer Gould