Angels Camp Picnic

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 Angels Camp Picnic  - Utica Park, Angels Camp, CA
May 20,
Host - Bob & Mary Graham and John & Kathy Reese

Photos by
Vicki Braithwaite - Thanks Vicki!

Rest Stop and chicken pickup point in Jackson

Hey! Barbara

Phil and Pete waiting

Here's a happy bunch, Jon, Bill, Mikey, and Bill's Bro-in-law

Marty & Dennis

Utica Park Photos

Kathy, Mary, Barb, Ann

Tom, George, Mary, Mikey

Patty, Lorna, Marylin

Robert & Bev

Parking Lot - Nice Vettes - 2 whites, 2 reds, 2 silver

The other side of the lot

George's commiserating with a refuse bin

Grahams and Vicki's

Line up for chow - those strawberries were good

Cheers, Bob and Susan

Clinking bottles by Bill and Dennis

This looks like nearly the end of the balloon toss - one more pair to eliminate

Mary and Marty taking it easy after the balloon toss

The prizes!

Kathleen scored some swag

Bob with a Porsche driver - actually he's a good guy 'cause he's Bills bro-in-law

Marylyn won a Corvette

Pat & Les scored some tasty brew

Mary got her picnic set

David draws after winning

That's a 10,000 Watt Smile, Patty

Bill won some brew too

Daryl has won an inside windshield cleaner and some "stuff"

Robert looks happy with his winnings

Marty and her winnin's - somebody said toss the cap and pass it around!

Mikey always looks like he's having a good time

Bev with her Corksicle - for cooling wine

Dennis scored a bottle of wine

Susan with her cake thingy

Ann won a salad chiller

No more dead batteries in the Fischbach household

George won the bucks

More bucks to Mr. Porsche this time