2009 Angels Camp Picnic

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May 17, 2009
Event Hosts John & Kathy Reese
With Bob & Mary Graham

BBQ by George Goolsby

to Everybody who helped or attended and had fun!
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These photos by Donna Naylor

Bob is greeting Susan as we wait to get underway

Jon and Donna

Bob is ready for the heat

Is that a lineup?

Brakelights for the STOP sign on Latrobe Rd.

It's a "sign", not an emergency landing

Nice line of cars, and the traffic wasn't bad

More fun than it looks

They had a sign up for us!

Bob & Donna


Lots of smiles

Mary looks great!

Peggy Sue & Rob on the left, Victoria on the right

Raffle prizes

A different species of frog...

Donna and Barbara

Yo! George

Dana & Anne are surprised

What's up, Shay?

Good beer, sez Jon

Susan finds it funny

Jim likes cookies

Pass the bottle for the lady!

Hi, Annette

Our very capable hostess, Kathy Reese

Now there is a frog that can jump

Looks like dessert

Hula Hoop finals

Go Girl!

Heading home, rear view mirror shot - passenger side

The following photos taken by John Reese

This is where it all happens!

Another view

Not sure, but I think somebody might be buried here

Mining machinery

Nothing to do with making frogs jump

Water ballon toss

Toss it carefully, Philly

Looks like they won

The tables are ready

Happy faces all

Hey Skip

Peggy Sue & Rob

Some folks like to watch the action

Jon and Mike are enjoying themselves

Mike & Janet

Hi Jack - don't say that on an airplane


Carla, Skip and George

Hi Barb!

Bob and Kathy

Janet & Mike having a good time

Annette and Anne

Don't pour the wine!

Shay looks like she is enjoying the day

More smiles

this man is happy because he drives a red Corvette

Barbara & Mike


Shay shows how to twirl the hoop

This looks like a good start Anne

And now it's hopeless for this round

It's almost on the ground

Patty gives it a whirl

And so does Donna

Watchin' it hit the ground

Who is on first?

Phil hopes his ticket is being drawn

Jack is holding court

Hey Rick

Mary has shaken the tickets

Mike is checking their ticket numbers with his eagle-eyes

Skip sez, "I won!"

Jerry is checking his numbers

Phil picked a winner

Barb is mixing them up

Just ONE now

Tables of fun

The back row keeping score

Nice '82

Rick & Karen's '07

In this club, C6s seem to be in the majority

Nicely protected Victory Red

This must be Karen's, she broght Littlebit along for the ride

Jerry & Flo's

Mike & Barbara's with chrome ZO6 wheels

Bob's bad-boy Z.

Jack's and Jon's, two flavors of red

Grand Sport of Jim & Annette

Philly's sweet '64

Not sure, maybe this is Rick's

No mistaking Dana's Z

Bob's black '06 coupe

I think that is my Z

Mike's Z

Photos below by Anon.

Lining up for the water ballon tossing contest

Step one is easy, you can hand the ballon to your partner

Now they are back a little, check out that body english

I see water on the ground in front of Annette, and Mary is trying for a catch

Opps, just missed it Mary

Deep in thought, but we can't see Flo

That's better

Watching the action

Relaxing after a great lunch

Still smiles

John has been doing this most of the day

Mike's a winner

Janet likes it too

One more time...