Christmas Party

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2007 Christmas Party - the best ever?
December 8, 2007
Event Hosts
Vicki Braithwaite and Barbara Collier

George A.K.A. Santa

Nice moves

Bill & Cheryl having a good time

This IS dancing

Annette and Margo - Tickets anybody?

Aw gee

A finger can be a dangerous weapon

Getting tickets ready to deposit in the prize bags

Dana's giving a speech

He bought a lot of tickets too...

...More than Anne

Wall of prizes

Mmmmm, which is the best?

Our lovely bartender, Teri B., is preparing for the rush

Teri taking orders and serving with style

Mike and Jon share a moment

Mary, Bob, and Barbara in the foreground sharing a laugh

George, Steve & Joanne

Dick hiding behind the camera and our Chef par Excellence, Keith

Hard at work

It looks like everybody is having a good time

Nobody's here yet...

Hey Shannon, show us some moves

Where is she going?


Dancin' with the lights dimmed

Spread out

Who said "Backs to the camera."?

Steve and Stan and Darla and Joanne are showing how it's done

The band. Good guys, good music

Thanks for the light Carmen

Sax duel with Jim & Stan

Hot sounds

GO Stan

Still at it

Dana is getting into the act

Dana is great on the guitar

Let's here it Stan

Nice Quartet

Go Margo!

Showing Dana how to play

New way to hold the guitar

Cheryl's getting into the act

Photographs above by Patty McCoy and Cheryl Leddington - Thanks Ladies!

Looks like Christmas

Snack table decorations

Svilichs helped decorate

The cook's cooking

Best dressed couple

Bob with your back

Finally got a shot of the Brusbys

George & Babs

Good lookin's pair the Grahams

Here's the whole group

Jack & Jane are ready

Jerry & Flo seemed happy

Leddington Butterfly

Also has one on her foot

Jim's got Four, count them

Paul got Mary by his side

Barbara got rid of Mary

Jim could really pick that thing

Looks like the three Musketeers

Mike looks really serious

Mr. VP and his boss

New band has arrived

Old guy and his boss

Pete & Ann havin' fun

Samoians danced the night away

Steve & Joanne & shirt

The REAL McCoys

Too Tall Bill & Cheryl

Whose cutting in on Carmen

Who has a tatoo on her boob

Photos & captions by George Goolsby & Barbara Rodgers